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Introduction to Disneyland Resort

While adding Disney's California Adventure to their California theme park family, Disney also added two new hotels, centered the whole complex around the Downtown Disney dining, shopping and entertainment complex and called it all Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Resort: What's There

  • Disneyland: The original theme park still stands head and shoulders above its competitors.
  • California Adventure: Here you'll find all of California's best, distilled into rides, shows and attractions.
  • Downtown Disney: Shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
  • Disneyland Resort Hotels: Three resort hotels owned and operated by Disney, over 2,200 rooms in total.

"Doing" Disneyland Resort

Many people ask how long they should plan to spend at Disneyland Resort. These are my suggestions for how to spend your time at the Disneyland Resort:
  • Disneyland: Allow one to two days, depending on your endurance and whether you want to "do it all." Avoid standing in line by using Ridemax, and two days is all you'll need.
  • California Adventure: Allow one day for this park. If you buy a multi-day Hopper pass that allows you to visit both parks in the same day, you can do everything at California Adventure and still have a few hours left over.

Getting Around Disneyland Resort

If you're staying in one of the Disney-run hotels, getting around is easy. You can walk to everything, or take one of the handy resort shuttles.

If you're staying in the Anaheim area but outside Disneyland Resort itself, Anaheim Resort Transit operates a shuttle service. Their trams follow eight different roues, and run every 20 minutes, except mid-day during off-peak days, such as winter weekdays.

The drivers do not sell tickets, so you should buy them at your hotel. If you plan to ride the tram more than once in day, or over several days, you can save money and time by buying a multi-day pass.

If you have your own vehicle with you, and there are more than 3 adults or children over 10 in your party, it will be less expensive to drive and park in Disneyland Resort parking.

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